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BioProfiling provides you most comprehensive analytical toolkit for functional profiling of a gene list. In one submission, Your gene list will be profiled with available information regarding gene function, interactions and pathway relationships.

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Attach a text file with a gene/protein IDs(one gene ID per line)help.
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*Input gene list is genes that were selected based on some criteria (i.e. differentially expressed) from some general set of genes (i.e. Reference gene set).
Reference gene set (i.e. all genes) is a set of genes that were used to select the Input gene list.

Reference gene set:

submit here the Input gene list together with Reference gene set

Time-series data:

submit here several dependent gene lists

File format

Please, check that you are submitting text file with one gene Id per line.

Gene and Protein IDs

BioProfiling supports Gene Symbols, UniProt/Swiss-Prot IDs, UniGene IDs, Ensembl IDs, RefSeq IDs.