BioProfiling provides a set of analytical and datamining tools to support functional interpretation of high throughput "omics" data.


Gene List

Gene/protein lists are common output of majority genomics as well as proteomics studies. BioProfiling provides you comprehensive analytical toolkit for functional profiling of a gene list. In one submission, Your gene list would be profiled with most available information regarding gene function, interactions and pathway relationships.

A novel BioProfiling version add several novel tools like analysing multiple gene list.

Tool Input Submision link
BioProfiling Standard *Single Gene list Single
BioProfiling Standard **Single Gene list + Reference Gene Set Single + Reference
BioProfiling MultiList ***Multiple Gene lists MultiLists

*Gene list - genes that were selected based on some criteria (i.e. differentially expressed) from some general set of genes (i.e. Reference gene set).
  **Reference gene set (i.e. all genes) is a set of genes that were used to select the Input gene list.
  ***Multiple Gene lists - - in many cases the outcome of genomics/proteomics data is better modelled by several gene lists (i.e. time series data where genes deferentially expressed at each time point are selected). In many such cases one would be interested in functional differences between gene lists. A novel BioProfiling version implements analytical tool for such analyses.


Datamining tools

BioProfiling also provides interface for multiple datamining tools. Please read description here.