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Cancer Dataset ID Phenotype Number of samples
i.e. p53 Mutated samples/Wild-Type samples
Colon Cancer GSE39582 KRAS: MUT vs. WT MUT(M):217/WT(WT):328
Colon Cancer GSE39582 P53: MUT vs. WT MUT(M):190/WT(WT):161
Colon Cancer GSE39582 Metastatic: node positive vs. node negative node positive(N1):134/node negative(N0):302
Colon Cancer GSE39582 BRAF: MUT vs. WT MUT(M):51/WT(WT):461
Neuroblastoma GSE49710 INSS stage: 4S vs. 1 4S(4S):34/1(1):101
Neuroblastoma GSE49710 MYCN: amplified vs. no amplification amplified(1):45/no amplification(0):225
Neuroblastoma GSE49710 risk: high vs. low high(1):78/low(0):194
Neuroblastoma GSE49710 INSS stage: 4 vs. 1 4(4):68/1(1):101
Breast Cancer METABRIC Metastatic: node positive vs. node negative node positive(1):336/node negative(0):1032
Breast Cancer METABRIC cellularity: low vs. moderate low(low):216/moderate(moderate):729
Breast Cancer METABRIC Pam50Subtype: LumA vs. Normal LumA(LumA):709/Normal(Normal):202
Breast Cancer METABRIC Pam50Subtype: Basal vs. Normal Basal(Basal):329/Normal(Normal):202
Breast Cancer METABRIC Pam50Subtype: LumB vs. Normal LumB(LumB):488/Normal(Normal):202
Breast Cancer METABRIC Her2 Expression:negative vs. positive negative(-):1727/positive(+):244
Breast Cancer METABRIC PR Expression:negative vs. positive negative(-):933/positive(+):1038
Breast Cancer METABRIC P53: MUT vs. WT MUT(MUT):99/WT(WT):704
Breast Cancer METABRIC cellularity: high vs. moderate high(high):962/moderate(moderate):729
Breast Cancer METABRIC ER Expression:negative vs. positive negative(-):469/positive(+):1502
Lung adenocarcinoma stage I-II GSE31210 EGFR: MUT vs. WT MUT(EGFR mutation +):127/WT(EGFR/KRAS/ALK -):68
Epithelial Ovarian Cancer GSE49997 Metastatic: node positive vs. node negative node positive(Yes):137/node negative(No):57
Lung Adenocarcinoma GSE36471 P53: MUT vs. WT MUT(1):31/WT(0):76
Breast cancer GSE25066 Metastatic: node positive vs. node negative node positive(N1):244/node negative(N0):157
Lung Cancer GSE30219 Metastatic: node positive vs. node negative node positive(N1):53/node negative(N0):198

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