AERS spider: an online interactive tool to mine statistical associations in Adverse Event Reporting System.
Grigoriev I, zu Castell W, Tsvetkov P, Antonov AV. Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf. 2014 Aug;23(8):795-801.

AERS spider

AERS Spider is a public online analytical tool which is based on publicly available AERS data (the data were compiled into unified format to be ready for statistical queries). AERS Spider provides possibility for interactive exploration of "drug to adverse reaction" association pattern by manual/semiautomatic removal from consideration suspicious risk factors (indications, other drugs, age groups). In addition, for the "drug to adverse reaction" association pattern, AERS Spider figure out factors which discriminate "drug and reaction" reports versus "drug and no reaction" reports. These factors are supposed to increase/decrease the risk of the Adverse Reaction if being co-administered with a drug.

At the moment, AERS spider provides two query options, General Drug Query and Specific Drug Query. For the General Drug Query the user needs to specify a drug and a background set from available options. As output, the list of putative signals is provided. The user can explore each reported "drug to adverse reaction" association using Specific Drug Query.

Specific Drug Query is online interactive form which allows the user to remove/restore "mask" factors while exploring "drug to adverse reaction" association. As output the user gets two tables. The first table provides the list of factors which were removed from consideration at previous steps and the option to restore each of them. The second table provides the list of current "mask" factors. By definition, all factors (indications, age groups, and other drugs) with PRR value higher than 3 are provided. In some cases the list may consist of up to several hundreds factors. The user can either mark them for removal manually or remove them in semi automated way by setting the minimal PRR threshold value.